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a wafer tale from 1953

Since 1953, our wafer plant has been producing and distributing wafer and napolinet specialities.
The history of the Angyalföld wafer baking plant, now equipped with modern machinery, dates back to the beginning of the century, when József Ziegler, the grandfather, opened a bakery in a family house on the site of the present plant. When nationalisation soon reached the company, which had grown into one of the five largest bread factories, his son Tibor Ziegler started a wafer plant with his wife in 1953, after obtaining his trade licence.
In 1953, the Ziegler Wafer Baking Plant was founded as a private enterprise in Kodály Körönd. Initially, they only baked unfilled wafers sheets, but later they also started to add flavouring. “They “reinvented” the Karlsbad wafer, which is filled but not creamy.
By the 1960s, the excellent quality had attracted a large clientele to the company. Customers often waited in line for hours outside the plant with relatively low capacity.
In 1970, because of Tibor Ziegler’s illness, his son Péter Ziegler joined the business, which he ran alone between 1979 and 1992, later with the support of his family.
In 1990 the family bought back the dilapidated bread factory and since 1991 production has been carried out in the renovated building.
One of the company’s main activities is the export of the Cheese Wafer product, which is currently promoting the Ziegler name in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic.
The Ziegler Wafer Plant currently employs 40 employees.
However, the company’s plans do not focus primarily on growth, but also on guaranteeing the high quality that has been behind the name for decades, both at production and management level.
For the Ziegler company, the most important thing has always been to retain its loyal customers, as is shown by the fact that the brand shop, which has been operating for decades, is still open every day and has been open to customers in a new location in a sophisticated environment since 1998.
The year 2014 was a year of renovations and introduction of quality assurance systems, following a series of restructuring and reorganisation, the IFS quality assurance system was introduced at the Kisgömb Street plant,later in Szentendre, maintaining the level of which is a major challenge for both the employees and the management.
The Ziegler name is still a guarantee of quality today, and as the years go by, our old customers are expanding to include the new generation. Traditional speciality wafers are getting bigger and bigger share of the wafer market, gaining ground with our consumers.
Our products are now not only found in traditional convenience stores, but also in large supermarket chains. We also consider the presence of salesperson important and also maintaining contact with store managers, which brings us closer to our customers and their needs.
The owners of the company are Péter Ziegler, Zoltán Ziegler and Ágnes Ziegler.
As a family business, everyone has their own role to play. We strive to ensure that, even though our grandparents did not live to see the day when the company may have really flourished, not to dishonour the Ziegler name so that we can look back with satisfaction when the next generation takes over.